February 15th, 2023


Men’s 2 on 2 tournament @ Folsom VFW 928 on February 25th, 2023

Entry fee $10 / Sign-ups 3:00pm / Start 4:00pm


Reminder November 2nd matches will be played on March 8th


Next captains meeting is Monday 03/13/2023 @ Bud's Café 7:30PM.

Playoffs start on March 15th


The following team is issued a warning for missing the 02/06/2023 Capitan’s meeting @ Chasers:

        -  Norwood Legion

The following teams have lost 2 wins for missing the 02/06/2023 Capitan’s meeting @ Chasers:

        -  Magee’s A and R Park Tavern


Teams with prior missed Captain’s meeting warnings:

Dolans A / Dolans B / Glenolden Legion / Magee’s A / Magee’s B / Mikey’s / R Park Tavern /

Tony’s B / Walt’s Café (these teams will lose 2 wins for any future missed Captain's meeting)


Email Sheets to: jjohnson007comcast.net or Text sheets to: 215-450-7326

Sheets due by 6:00pm on Friday/If Sheets are late, your team will lose 5 wins


Weekly Score Sheets: https://www.didldarts.com/index.php/downloads?download=66:didl-weekly-sheets-02-15-2023

2022-2023 Schedule: https://didldarts.com/index.php/downloads?download=41:didl-2022-2023-schedule



Bill Murphy, Mike Boyd JR., Chris McLaughlin, Bob Thornton,

Chip Watson, Mike McAndrew, Joe McDonald.


Tom Hill 58, 48, 46, Bob Thornton 53, 51, Mike Moritz 49, Mickey Weber 49,

Jon Horn 48, Steve Artese JR., 46, 45, Richie Dantinne 46, John Hilscher 46,

Gordon Hutton 45, Mike Staehle 45, Mike Morissey 45.


Vinny Santoro/610-733-5750, Mark Reeves/610-329-1728, Jim Johnson/215-450-7326